Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 10th October 2015

Strong easterly winds raised hopes once again. Things were made a little complicated early on as we waited patiently for the cloudbase to be useable. There was a very noticeable wind gradient on approach. Winds at flying heights were really quite strong leading everyone to hope for wave.

Everyone tried to find the wave, but while there were signs everywhere the was really nothing very usable with the longest flight scraping 12 minutes. There were areas of rotor, small areas of smooth zero and areas of strong sink.

We welcomed the return of Stefi from her summer at home in Romania. She had a successful check ride with Ged and is now waiting for a suitable day to convert to the Zugvogel given the the K8 is currently undergoing annual maintenance.

One Day Course candidate Adam Bailey
 Our visitors today were Adam Baily who completed a One Day Course and Air Experience visitors Schaffer Mann, Tobias Uren and Michael Seymour.

Visitor Michael Seymour
Junior visitor Schaffer Mann
Junior Tobias Uren also flew with Mike. 
Meanwhile in the hangar, Rick and David spent the day working through some maintenance issues with the ML winch including an unplanned wheel change as one of the original tyres gave up rather noisily. Also in the hangar was Colin working on the K8, completing the glue inspections and fin removal required in this years AD.

Thanks everyone for a productive day.


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