Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 17th October 2015

A grey day with a light NNE breeze. With a low(ish) cloud base and no sunshine you could be forgiven thinking that it would not be worth opening the hangar. But not a bit of it.

Don and Stefi share a joke.
( Note the grey sky in the background )
It was great to have CFI on duty today while Ged is off enjoying a rest in sunnier climes. Trainee Mike Bennett was quick to take advantage of this and flew kept Don bust. By the end of the day, he had flown his first unprompted circuit. This is quite a milestone in any pilot’s training.

Mike Bennett flying with Don
Stefi took advantage of the reasonably benign conditions to convert to the Zugvogel and flew a couple of nice looking circuits in it. I think we have another Zugvogel fan.

tefi converted to the Zugvogel today
Several other members took advantage of the day to brush up on their rear seat flying skills in the K13.

Meanwhile in the hangar, Rick and David were working on the green Discovery which finished the day with a new door and suspension bushes.

As the kit was put away, the evening shift, in the guise of the Committee, assembled for a meeting.

A useful day.


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