Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 24th October 2015

Sitting here writing this blog on Sunday afternoon, I am astounded at what a difference a day makes. Sunday looks like a great day with cloud streets from horizon to horizon. Saturday was dreadful. The promised cold front was overhead until very late in the afternoon giving low cloud, rain, strong gusty winds and it was very cold. The car said it was 10 deg C but it felt much colder than that.

So a maintenance day then. My particular (self appointed) task was to keep the log burner going so that the real workers would have a warm refuge when they needed it. Rick, David and Simon worked on the vehicles. By the end of the day the Green Landrover was ready for use once more, and the ML winch had had all it’s wheels and tyres changed.

David and Rick sorting out the Green Landrover
Demonstrating the real meaning of a busman’s holiday, Mike Bennett ( a professional gardener) cut all the grass around the clubhouse and trailer park.

A gardeners holiday. Mike in grass cutting mode.

A useful day thanks to all the volunteers. I will await Sunday’s report with interest, and maybe a little jealousy.


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