Dartmoor Gliding News- Saturday 26th September 2015

With a blue sky that went from horizon to horizon and a light easterly wind, today was always going to be a nice flying day; not spectacular but just nice. The current high pressure continues to give us another “tee shirt and shorts” day.

Nigel Aldread from Camphill.
Ged was busy today flying 6 members of his own family in the Twin Astir. IFP Rick Wiles flew todays visitors, Rachael Challenor , Simon Rutter, Ray Bettiss, Michael Puttee, and Nathan Savage. I flew with a visitor from Camphill, Nigel Aldread, who took up gliding after having an air experience flight with us last year.

Rachael Challenor
Simon Rutter 
Ray Bettiss
Michael Puttee
There was some soaring to be had but it was not easy. There were signs of wave but instead of providing easy soaring this just broke up what thermals there were. Best flight of the day was Chris Owen in the Zugvogel who managed 38 minutes. There was a handful of flights in the 20 to 30 minute range.

Thanks to Barry And Heather again for their winching and retrieve work.


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