Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 27th September 2015

It was an all sorts day: all sorts of people, all sorts of gliders and all sorts of activity.

The Bardon Company group with IFP Peter Howarth and colleague Paula Howarth.
The all sorts of people came in the form of Caroline Brown, David Brown, Dave Jones and Jayne Marsh, Paula Howarth's party of colleagues from her employer the Bardon Corporation in Plymouth (see photos), plus the welcome return of ex-North Hill émigré Henry Ford, blown in no doubt by the Easterly wind from Exeter.

Roger Green’s pretty looking ASW 20 at 3,000ft.
 The all sorts of gliders included Roger Green's super sexy ASW-20 (see photo of the -20 in its element, taken by aforesaid Henry F) and three K-6CRs, the latest to rival Colin Boyd's for immaculate good looks being Richard Roberts's acquisition, with a smaller bubble canopy than most.

Henry Ford’s view of the airfield taken whilst soaring in the club’s Zugvogel.
The only disappointment was the Easterly wind which, despite reaching 10kts at ground level, occasionally gusting 20 in the afternoon, failed to wave (very discourteous). Without the benefit of a sounding it's difficult to say why not, although the Met Office profile did show wind speed decreasing with height, when normally an increase in speed with height is a good omen.

IFP Peter Howarth with visitor Caroline Brown.
Visitor Richard Johnson.
Visitor David Jones
Visitor Rachel Challenor.
That didn't prevent all sorts of thermals from breaking out, however, and if you were lucky you caught a strong one (in Henry Ford's case to 3,700ft and Roger Green’s to 4,200ft) although they were fickle, unreliable and sometimes downright annoying!

As was this Instructor who, with wind and runway direction in unusual alignment, delighted in 'inflicting' launch failures on the unwary (well done Paula..!)

And there were all sorts of trainees as well, including newly joined 15 year old Amelia Johnson, her Dad Rich taking his first taste of soaring flight, 13 year old Elliot Acton (and Dad Chris) and Theatre Royal manager Ed Borlase.

So with Peter Howarth, Richard Roberts, Roger Appleboom and Martin Broadway making up the all-sorts team of winch drivers, the question had to be: who got the pink jelly one that goes down a treat, and who got the black and white hard striped one that takes ages to swallow? Well the 'pink jelly' award has to go to Roger Green, for showing us all how it's down (if you own an ASW-20) whilst the black and white one probably goes to Heather Horsewill, who not only drove the retrieve up and down the airfield at least 23 times, but also had to put with 'all sorts' of humour from the motley crew of winch drivers she met down the other end..!

And continuing the sweetie theme, 'Good Boy' choc drop award if the day has to go to Peter Howarth, who not only flew our visitor Andrew Lawton, but also flew the entire Bardon group Caroline Brown, Rachel Challenor, David Jones and Jayne Marsh) whilst sneaking in flight times of 14 and 18 mins to boot! They were last seen tucking into an enormous barbecue outside the clubhouse.

So all sorts of flying for all sorts of people - that's gliding!

Martin Cropper

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