Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 21st October 2105

According to Alexander Pope “Hope springs eternal in the human breast;” . This is definitely true of glider pilots. The weather forecast for today had been quite clear for a couple of days but still I hoped that it might be wrong and that we would find a flyable window.

A warm front passed through the area today with the inevitable results of fog, mist, drizzle brightening to very low cloud. We waited patiently for the conditions to improve by the cloud base never got above the tree tops.

The airfield is there somewhere 
We mostly spent the day in the clubhouse putting the world to rights with occasional discussions of an aviation nature.

Jorg spent part of his day mowing the airfield which will no doubt be the last cut of the year. Colin worked on the K8 in the hangar.

Hoping for better weather next time.


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