Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 12th December 2015

The poor weather continues unabated. A very low cloudbase accompanied by a strong, gusty southerly wind kept the gliders in the hangar once more.

The cloud base was very low once again.
The day was not wasted though. Early on, while Don shut away in the office creating a new training card, Rick and David spent several hours flitting a ground radio in the Vitara which was looking ( and smelling ) much better after it’s extensive valet by Heather last Wednesday.

The very clean looking Vitara after Heather has sorted it out 
An then came the day’s main event. Don was in full flow delivering a great lecture about weather. The subject ranged from how to obtain and interpret the 214 & 215 met reports to Tephigrams and their uses for soaring predictions. Great stuff.

Don in lecture mode with an attentive audience
The devil makes work for idle hands.
Mike demonstrates the new portable glider simulator encouraged by Don
There may be a flyable break in the weather tomorrow.


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