Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 19th December 2015

The weather? Awful. Strong gusty winds and torrential rain all day kept the gliders firmly in the hangar.
The water running off the airfield today
Club stalwarts Rick and Mike kept themselves busy. Today’s tasks included some work on the GusLaunch winch which seemed to involve removing a closely inspect the oil, and replacing the cam belt on the “new” Vitara as a preventative measure. The fan belt also needs replacing but tracking down the correct part is proving problematic. Today’s salvo in this task saw them measuring the existing belt using pieces of string and a tape measure. Very agricultural.

How long is a piece of string?
Rick and Mike seem determine to answer the age old question
Wednesday's Course
In the clubhouse, which was quiet today after Wednesday’s course with potential instructors Steve and Adrian with Don, the simulator received more attention.

Dartmoor's headless horseman?
No, just me working on the simulator

Will they fly tomorrow? I hope so.


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