Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 24th January 2016

We’ve had torrential rain, gale force winds and a tiny bit of frozen this winter, so at least today’s reason for not flying added a little variety – yes, fog! As you can see from the photo, conditions were definitely not VMC, and remained so throughout the day.

Approaching the club: definitely not VMC!
But that didn’t prevent members from attending to get those annoying little jobs done or progress their ground school briefings, which is exactly what Roger Appleboom and Ed Borlase did, Roger addressing the non-operating light in the Gents (the pull on-off switch is broken) whilst Ed worked his way through the ground exercises on the front of the ab initio card.

A little later Colin Boyd appeared to inspect the rigging pins on the elevator of the loaned K-8. This revealed a couple of additional defects requiring one half of the elevator to be parted from its mate and taken to Colin’s house for remedial attention and convalescence (see photo).

Colin Boyd and Roger Appleboom inspecting the elevator of the K-8 in the clubhouse.
Typically, just as we were departing mid-afternoon the cloud began to lift and, by 4:30pm there was the occasional blue patch of sky, although the moisture in the air continued to some generate some very low orographic cloud over the moor. What’s going to stop us from flying next? A plague of toads..?

Martin Cropper

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