Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 27th February 2016

The weather continues mostly dry which is allowing the airfield to recover somewhat. Today it was even possible to roll some areas and this was done. A grey cloudy day with a strong NE airflow. The atmospheric sounding still did not look quite right for wave; the lowish inversion was missing but there was an increase in wind strength with height.

A couple of launches were taken early on and these revealed that airborne conditions were really rough but with no appreciable wave. In fact, it was rough enough to prompt a stand down waiting for conditions to steady up a little. Another series of flights were taken 3 hours later but things were very much the same and it was decided to call it a day and the aircraft was returned to the hangar.

Rick and Mike complete their pre-flight checks
In the hangar today was a very industrious scene. The Twin Astir syndicate had turned out on mass to work with their visiting inspector to complete the C of A and ARC renewal. By the end of the day, all tasks had been completed and the aircraft very clean indeed having been completely polished.

Working on the Twin Astir
Next up were the Committee who assembled for a meeting as the rest of the members started to go home. This carried on well into the evening.

A business like day


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