Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 11th June 2016

After a weeks good weather, hopes were high for the flying at the weekend. This, obviously, was not to be the case. Friday saw no flying whatsoever, It rained from 8:30am when the hangar doors were opened, until 5:30pm by which time all hope of flying had been lost.

Saturday saw started with a low(ish) cloudbase with a light SE breeze. As the day wore on, the cloudbase lowered continuously ending with an absolute downpour at 4pm; heavy enough to get soaked to the skin in about 3 minutes flat. At this point flying was terminated.

13 year old Joshua Cutler
We welcomed 3 visitors today, Joshua Cutler, and father and son duo Barry and Scot Nichols, all of whom received their Introductory Flights from Mike Jardine who even managed a couple of short soaring flights. The jury is out on what his source of lift was. Adrenaline would be my guess.
Scot Nichols
Barry Nichols
Club Flying was limited to some AB-initio training and some backseat practice in the K13.


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