Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 4th June 2016

First thing in the morning the sky was clear and blue promising a good day to come. By 10am, however, the blue had been obscured by a lowish flat grey cloud sheet. A training day?

Today's instructor in charge was Mike Sloggett once again. Mike is always a welcome visitor. His father was one of the original club members and Mike's own history with the club goes back a very long way. Mike was assisted today by Rick Wiles who was tasked with flying with today's visitors.

We had four visitors today, Louisa Pearson, Simon Romaine, Jo Batchelor and Tony Sullivan who all left the airfield with smiles on their faces.

Louisa Pearson
Jo Batchelor
Tony Sullivan
It was nice to see the return of young Ben Caverhill who flew with us on a One Day Course and began his flight training today. By the end of the day Ben had filled in several entries on his Training Card. When not flying Ben was keen to help and, after training, spent quite a bit of time towing the aircraft around with the quad bike.

There was a great deal of effort from the solo pilots to find some rising air to soar on but it was not until the last flight of the day when Dene "Scratch" Hitchin, practicing from the back seat of the K13, managed to find a solitary thermal to extend his flight to a day winning 11 minutes. The other flight of interest today was by Matt Wiles who converted ( re-converted?) to the K8.

Matt Wiles ready to fly the K8.


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