Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 16th July 2016

The forecast gave a cloudy start gradually giving way to sunny periods with a 6 knot SW breeze and a 20% chance of rain. What we actually got was cloud nearly all day, no rain and the 6 knot breeze was from the west.

One Day Course Candidate Mathew Shaw
We made the best of this training day with Rick Wiles flying our One Day Course candidate Mathew Shaw while I flew our Air Experience visitors Mathew Hut and Ifan Kaidain and Ged looked after the club training.

Visitor Mathew Shaw
Visitor Ifan Kaidain
 It never really became soarable but there were a couple of extended flights between 11 and 13 minutes. Later in the afternoon a convergence approached the airfield from the south but it never got within gliding range.

The convergence was just out of gliding range

A  good training day.



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