Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 26th June 2016

“Well it appears that Saturday is now the best day of the weekend...” moaned Roger Appleboom as we surveyed a grey and damp skyscape at a little after 2pm, in the knowledge that yesterday's crew had managed over 20 launches, starting at what can only be described as a French lunchtime.
The Met Office Forecast for today.
Would you have bothered?
Well, looking at the Met Office prediction for 1pm local (see photo), it was amazing that we flew at all. It was a case of 'Why bother' vs. 'Wossup?' for, whilst the forecast predicted 'carnage', as our photos show we were able to fly until such time as the rain eventually forced us to beat an honourable retreat.

And so we managed to meet our visitor/trial lesson commitments. (as shown in the photos), but (with the exception of Dave) And so it is with a heavy heart that we have to thank Martin Broadway, Leith Whilttington, Jayne Smith and partner Dave, Chris and Eliot Acton, Barry Green and Heather Horswill, and commiserate with Leith Whittington for not beating Martin Cropper to the flight of the day (which, at 10 mins, was no great achievement).

Visitor Sandra Maddigan flew with IFP Roger Appleboom.
Vic Sanderbrook also flew with Roger Appleboom
(we’ve managed to crop out his family – who took up most of the airfield..!)
Dave Ellicott was able to  have a couple of flights with Roger Appleboom
before conditions prevented further flying.
And so, by 2pm, and after 15 launches, as the rain drops on the occlusion finally arrived, we had to concede to the weather and admit that some flying was definitely better than no flying!

As we left the field, we appeared to be followed by a strange being in a Gandalf-like flourescent hat. As he got closer though, we realised that it was only Dave Downton using one of the windsocks as an umbrella!!

 Is that you, Gandalf?
Martin Cropper

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