Dartmoor Gliding News-Friday 5th August 2016

The day started overcast and low cloud. It was to be a day of mixed fortunes, some thermals built early on but lots of sink too, but there were windows where they strengthened as the day went on.

The K8 waits patiently for the thermals to strengthen.
Mike Gadd in his open cirrus getting the best flight of the day with 1 hour and 15 mins, Colin Boyd did well in his k6 and Barry managed 57 minutes in the k8 showing up my 9 minutes!

Andrew Beaumont in his Astir
Adrian puts the lid on Colin's K6
Adrian took his partner for a couple of flights. Bob Sansom and Ged managed a half hour flight early on in the k13. Many thanks to Heather for driving the cable retrieve vehicle all day delivering the cables with a smile every time.

In the queue
Steve Fletcher

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