Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 13th August 2016

The weather today would test the patience of a saint. Low cloud and drizzle thanks to the weak frontal system sitting overhead the north coast. The conditions were forecast to clear for 3pm.

Initially there was a useful turnout of members getting on with jobs around the airfield but as the miserable conditions continued several drifted away to take care of family business, etc. By mid morning we had reluctantly cancelled the visitors planned for today. Meanwhile Rick Wiles and David Bouchier continued their work on the "new" ML winch and are really making progress. In the hangar, Colin Boyd, assisted by Steve Fletcher were working away on the club aircraft.

A very weak sky. The receding front can be seen in the distance 
Saint Ged and Saint Steve ready the K13.
The clouds were not as good as they appear in this photo
Around 2pm the conditions started to clear. Enter Saint Ged, Saint Scratch and 2 Saint Steves  who had waited out the weather and were determined to fly. A K13 and the winch was quickly readied and the first flight was waiting to go as the sky really cleared at 3:15pm. I would like to say that we were treated to booming thermal conditions but that would be too much like a fairy tale. The flights were circuits for the most part with a couple extending to a mind blowing 8 minutes.

Ged ready to launch Scratch in the K13

Tomorrow looks like a good day.


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