Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 22nd October 2016

The forecast north easterly winds teased pilots with the promise of lee wave conditions. Also in the forecast was the suggestion that the wind would get stronger and increasingly gusty as the day progressed. This would need to be watch and right from the off the decision was to leave the K8 in the safety of the hangar

Today was a club flying day for licensed pilots and the wind direction lured several to the airfield to fly. Initially conditions looked good with a cap cloud firmly positioned over the higher tors to the east. However, first flights revealed that there was no wave to be found but the sky was alive with rotor turbulence making flying conditions uncomfortable to say the least. With care conditions were soarable in the rotor. This was not improved later when some thermal activity added it's disturbance to the already "lively" conditions.

The Zugvogel ready for another launch into the malestrom
 We welcomed a couple of visitors today. Matthew Williamson arrived with an ASW20 and his fellow club mate Tim Peters to join in the fun. Matthew had the best flight of the day spending 2 hours 15 minutes soaring in the turbulent conditions until he could stand it no longer and nade a swift airbrake decent to the airfield. Great effort Matthew.

ASW20, Matthew, And Tim from North Hill
Everone who wanted to fly did so before the strengthening winds and increasing gusts sent us back to the safety of the hangar.


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