Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 10th December 2016

The view from the clubhouse towards the runway.
No prizes for guessing that a warm front was very close.
With rain and low cloud keeping the gliders in the hangar, the members had the chance to benefit  from a couple of briefings. First up was one of our new Assistant Category Instructors, Rick Wiles who gave a lecture on getting the information for a flying day using the NOTAM system for Navigation issues and the Met Office's F214 and F215 weather forecasts. These forecasts are very useful but do contain quite a bit of detail and need quite a bit of explaining. Well Done Rick.

Rick in full flow
After a break for tea and cakes, it was CFI Don Puttock's turn, this time with a briefing on the requirements for the Bronze C and Cross Country endorsements with a detailed look at the requirements for the Navigation test.

Don decided on  a slightly more relaxed style for his presentation.
Regardless of your experience it is always of value to take the opportunity to revisit sessions like these to keep your knowledge fresh on the subjects. It was great to see so many members at the club today keeping their flying knowledge up to date.

Meanwhile, in the hangar, Scratch and David were working on reassembling the 2nd quad bike which has needed more than a little TLC ( more like major surgery actually ).

Mike Jardine

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