Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 17th December 2016

The day started with lots of low cloud. The valleys were also full of fog. The airfield and aircraft were got ready as the assembled club members hoped for a clearance.

The winch driver' view before the first flights 
Rather than sitting around chatting whilst waiting, Instructor Gordon Dennis led a very interactive lecture on Navigation which saw everyone pouring over charts, planning and analysing tasks. Great stuff.

Little or no wind made for very smooth flying conditions
By 1 o'clock the cloud was looking somewhat higher so time to go flying. The first launch was a little premature as the launch was abandoned at the 800 ft cloudbase. After this the cloudbase rose very quickly and a series of circuits were flown by the K13 and K8 as pilots took to the air to maintain currency.

Waiting to launch
At 3.40 the very moist atmosphere took charge again as canopy misting ( inside and out ), and a rapidly lowering cloudbase,  prevented any further flying.


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hrf said...

Thanks for the great day Dartmoor GC! :)