Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 26th November 2016

With high pressure in charge and a promised ENE wind there was everything to play for. However, arriving at the airfield revealed a problem, the cloud base was very low; too low to fly.

Keeping faith that the cloudbase would rise through the day the airfield was got ready, the winch and launchpoint changed ends and the aircraft were taken to the launch point. And then we waited.

By 12:30 there was signs that the cloudbase was rising and there were even a couple of very small patches of blue sky. The first couple of flights released early from the winch to avoid the cloud but by 1:30 it was game on.

There were signs of wave all over the sky
 There were signs of wave all over the sky. This wasn't our usual strong north-south wave system but a system with wave bars visible on a northwest to southeast which seem to provide large areas of very gentle lift and / or reduced sink rates. But Dartmoor pilots are up to the challenge and there were several soaring flights. The best of these was a 38 minute flight by Roger Appleboom in his K6 whose flight was best described as "falling with style". He never really climbed much but used the reduce sink and light lift to stretch out his 1400 foot winch launch. Good Effort Roger.

One Day Course candidate Stephn Witten
Also treated to some soaring was today's One Day Course candidate Stephen Witten and visitor Nigel Weathermead. We hope we will see them both again soon.

Nigel Weaathermead ready to fly with IFP Mike Jardine.
And the biggest news story of the day. Mike Bennett flew solo for the first time today. Congratulations Mike.

Mike Bennett flying the K13 solo for the first time is nicely in the circuit
A somewhat bemused Mike with instructor Gordon Dennis
The flying day finishes early at this time of year and today was no different. We flew until sunset when common sense dictated that the gliders were returned to the hangar. This wasn't the end of the day for some as all the instructors and IFP's rushed off to Tavistock for the planned Instructors meeting.

Thanks once again to Heather for driving retrieve all day and Barry for his winching.


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Rich Roberts said...

That's fantastic mike, great job. Congratulations and Well done. See you soon. Instructors are obviously doing a great job at dartmoor.