Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 14th January 2017

Was today going to be flyable? After perusing all the available forecasts, ( and his favorite piece of seaweed ), CFI Don Puttock thought so, but with care. So the K8 was left firmly in the hangar while the K13's were taken to the launchpoint to do battle with the gusty NW winds.

The K13's wating to go.
Roger Green maintaining his back seat skills with Rick
In the air, the gusty conditions precluded any chance of soaring but the pilots enjoyed the chance to practice their handling skills, many choosing to land on the stub runway, a 300 meter SE-NW extension on the SE corner of the airfield.

A passing shower
On the ground the challenges were to ensure the the gliders were handled safely and properly secured in windy conditions, to keep warm despite the wind, and to maintain good humour when the shrill gust alarm was sounding every few minutes.

One of several rainbows seen today
Several showers passed close to the airfield but missed us in the most part, but providing some great rainbows.

What do you find at the end of a rainbow? A pot of gold? Leprecaun?
In this case it's CFI Don


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