Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 28th January 2017

Today's forecast was for showers increasing in frequency. At Brentor this kind of forecast can be tricky. Sometimes the showers pass us by all day. Sometimes each and every shower pays us a visit giving almost continuous rain. So without visitors today we got out a K13 and K8 to fly until the conditions beat us.

One of a series of spectacular showwrs
The first task of the day was to change ends. This lead to some intricate manoeuvring to turn the winch 180 degrees without getting it stuck on the wet runway surface; the overnight rain had left the runway relatively soft for a 7 ton winch..

The gliding equivalent of a "Push Me Pull You".
The tractor is providing forward movements and the landrovers reverse.
Meanwhile, in the hangar, Rick was to be found with his legs sticking out from under the original ML winch. He and his crew were changing the seal on the fluid flywheel which had been leaking. By the end of the day the task was complete and the winch had been tested and was launching gliders.
Mike clears water from the wings as the pilots sit in the warm.
Flying today required patience as the showers came through but we made the best of it. Lots of practice cable breaks when low clouds passed over and circuits to preserve flying currency.

The view from the K8 in circuit towards the end of the day.

A good winter day with friends

The hardest working pieces of equipment today, the rain clearing squeegees

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