Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 8th January 2017

It was 9am, the weather outside was dank and miserable, and so there was nothing else for it but for Paula Howarth to declare the DGS 2017 Post Brexit Breakfast OPEN!

The perfect breakfast weather: dank and misty...
Before her the clubhouse table groaned under the weight of home baked bread, locally sourced sausages, (not so locally sourced) haggis, bratwurst, chorizo, parma ham, salmon and home made flapjacks, panettone cake with double cream and with Mexican coffee and good old Yorkshire tea to wash it all down (there was a rumour that some of the coffee, for non-drivers, was Irish..!)

With more than twenty-five members in attendance there was ample for all, and very few leftovers (just enough for Roger's massive dogs), which generated plenty of dirty plates for dishwasher 'Scratch' to wash.

Jeff Cragg helps himself to a welcome pick-me-up at the Brexit breakfast.
As the feeding frenzy died down the conversation turned to hopes, wishes and desires (of a gliding nature) for the coming year, and hence there was much talk of expeds, competitions, courses and general objectives for 2017, with pilots making arrangements to participate in the Inter Club League (ICL – contact Rich Roberts if you wish to join in) to meet up at the Long Mynd, Denbigh and possibly even Talgarth (for aerotow training) at various points in the year.

Karon Matten, Adrian Irwin an Pete Harvey look on as
the clubhouse table groans under the weight of breakfast fayre.
So not just a beltstretching exercise in calorie counting, but a useful opportunity to meet, compare notes and set sights above and beyond that which was achieved in 2016.

Colin Boyd gives an encouraging thumbs to ‘Scratch’ Hitchens as he washes the dishes.
With the New Year gourmet Breakfast fast becoming a DGS tradition, thanks go to Paula Howarth for making it all possible, and to everyone who contributed, in whatever way (including Colin for the brandy..!)

Next event is the club End/Beginning of Season Social which will be taking place at the end of February. Watch this Space!

Martin Cropper

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