Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 18th February 2017

Today started with mist and a little low cloud ( just like an autumn day really). The small but willing assembly of members at the airfield got on with changing ends to suit the SE breeze and by 11am the visibility had improved sufficiently for flying to commence.

Today's instructor, Gordon, was kept busy with training and check flights, ensuring the winter reduction in flying opportunities had not taken the edge off our pilot's skills. The K8 was kept busy by the solo pilots. Even though the wind was south to south east, a direction which often produces a lively approach, flying conditions were gentle.

Is there a collective name for winches?
A tangle of winches perhaps?
After a quick winch change at around 1pm the sky was suddenly looking better. A cloud street had formed and Allan Holland was quick to take advantage with a soaring flight of 43 minutes in the K8 only returning to let other pilots have a go.

The cloud streets that supplied some much longed for soaring.
All too soon the temperature lowered and the canopies started misting so time to put everything away once more.  Gordon wasn't quite finished though and a talk on circuit planning was delivered.

Gordon with Callum and Chris discussing circuit planning
 Was this the end of the day? Well no, step forward the club committee whose meeting stretched on into the evening; eventually ending around 8pm.

Thanks today are due to every one who help to make this day a success, especially, Barry and Mike for the winching and Heather for driving the retrieve once again. Heather drives the retrieve so often perhaps we should put her name on the side of the Discovery?.


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