Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 25th February 2017

Friday was a lovely spring like day with plenty of warm sunshine and lots of cumulus cloud marking the day's thermals. This led to some hope for Saturday but a close look at the forecast marked out Saturday as a non flying day. The sky was completely covered in low cloud with a strong, gusty, SW wind.

The low cloud darkened throughout the day until it rained.
There were lots of club members in attendance. Were they sat  around grumbling about the weather. No, they were getting on with the myriad of jobs needed to maintain and efficient airfield and clubhouse. A large group, led by CFI Don, were clearing out all the accumulated paperwork, magazines, and dead equipment from the clubhouse most of which was then burned in the improvised brazier outside.

The sign inicates the leader of this work party. Ive heard of singing your work but this?
Meanwhile, Mike was dealing with the large amount of logs that he brought to site. Robin was helping with this task tidying the wood store. Winch Master and Safety Officer, Stratch, was to be found underneath the "new" ML winch servicing the brakes. Treasurer Steve Raine and I went on a strop hunt along the North side of the airfield in amongst the gorse. We found 2 of the missing strops which were repaired and returned to the launchpoint. Site Officer Jorg spent his time inspecting and repairing the perimeter fence.

Catching up in the clubhouse
There was still plenty of time to retire to the clubhouse for tea and biscuits while catching up with the latest plans and gossip before the forecast rain set in at which point it was time for home.

A busy day amongst friends.


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