Dartmoor Gliding News-Monday 17th April 2017

Everything was ready on the field early on Bank Holiday Monday, and a briefing by Instructor Rick Wiles with what proved a falsely optimistic forecast with a Northerly wind, and sadly the thermals escaped everyone except Rick and Callum who shared what was left of a dying thermal before their hangar landing at the very end of the day. Peter Howarth also kindly was there to Instruct

Towing out at the start of the day
We welcomed three Friends & Family visitors – Mark Duffy and two Juniors James and Charlotte Duffy, brought by Paula, and also Tim Forth who had three early flights.

Midday there were delays due to cable tangles at the winch following near-solo pilots being taken through their Practice Cable-Break exercises. It was a cold Northerly for those waiting, including the Duffy family, but their flights went well, and we thank them for their patience.

Paula's Brother-in-law Mark
Niece Chatlotte
Nephew James
Experienced pilot Tony Tayler from Shenington is staying at a Campsite near Tavistock, came regularly at the weekend and was a pleasure to have on the field and in the air.

Heather kindly drove the Retrieve vehicle all day.

Robin Wilson

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