Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 1st April 2017

So, April 1st. The one playing the tricks today was the weather. In bright sunshine the airfield was readied for action; then it rained. We waited and drank a lot of tea. The sun shone and we got ready again; then it rained. By now the already soggy runway looked more like a lake and it was reluctantly decided that this would be a non flying day after all.

After a quick inspection of our new mower, the aircraft were returned to the hangar providing some much needed exercise after all that tea drinking.

The new mower.
DCFI Gordon was prepared for this eventually and got everyone together for a Ridge Soaring Workshop, particularly welcome as several members are off to the Long Mynd for a weeks flying on the ridges soon.  Instead of the usual style lecture, this took the form of several groups of pilots working of different problems / case studies and the afternoon slipped rapidy by. Everyone learned something new and everyone took part with enthusiasm. A great event; Thanks Gordon.

Gordon's Ridge Flying Workshop
As Usual the weather looks a lot better for tomorrow.


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Rich Roberts said...

The satisfaction you get Steve from being right must be worth it. With the advantage of hindsight -the weather was a lot better Sunday. . 👏😂. Sorry.