Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 8th April 2017

Today was a day of red faces. What caused this embarrassment? More of that later.

The weather is typical of a high pressure system. A full day of sunshine. No clouds at all. Visibility restricted by the haze held in place under the inversion. The brisk breezes were from the SSE ( about 45 degrees further south than forecast ). But the airfield is drying out, the members are champing at the bit to fly and we have a full training and visitor flying programme so on with the show.

Alex Sykes with uncle Mike
Mary Spink with Mike Jardine
The day started at a reasonably early time with Rick flying club members in K13 G-DDMX. These flights continued throughout the day. Thanks for the hard work Rick. The visitor flying was handled by Steve Raine and new Ass Cat Mike Jardine in K13 G-CHXP. Mike stared by flying his niece Alex Sykes and her friend Mary Spink . Steve then had a series of flights with visitor Eleanor Carr followed by Mike who took visitor Adrian Distin for a further series of flights.

Steve sharing a pre-flight joke with Eleanor
Smile please! Adrian ready to launch with Mike
The solo pilots put a lot of effort in to finding thermals. With the pressure so high these proved to be elusive and the few that were around were very narrow and broken and did not climb much above launch height. Best flight of the day was Allan Holland in the K8 who managed 1 hour 7 minutes in conditions ideally suited to that aircraft with it's ability to turn seemingly impossibly small circles at very low speeds.

Richard's Discus waiting to go. It was outclimbed by the K8 today??
The flying day was brought to a close at 6pm after 40 flights for no other reason than the need to put everything away before the very well attended AGM held in the clubhouse.

And what of the red faces. They were not caused by any kind of embarrassment but by the endless sunshine. More sunscreen next time perhaps.


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