Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 20th May 2017

Today was going to be a difficult day. The forecast showed frequent showers, as did the weather radar apps which seem to be on everyone's phone these days. There was, however, a steely determination to fly.

Waiting to go up to the launchpoint
And so, we did. The day seemed to be a continuous procedure as follows.

                                                     1. Shelter from the rain
                                                     2. Quickly dry the gliders off.
                                                     3. Go flying.
                                                     4. Goto step 1

Step 1. Scratch demonstrating a secondary use for glider wings
as he shelters from the rain
Step3. K13 G-CHXP takes off into a glowering sky.
Between the showers, the flying conditions were ok for the most part but care was needed with the variable (mostly southerly) winds which strengthened considerable with the gusts associated with the oncoming showers. Flight of the day goes to Stephen Fletcher who managed a dizzying 7 minutes in the K8. There was a good number of useful training flights.

Steve Fletcher's view from the K8
Our visitor today was Peter Chamley from Hayle who showed great patience waiting with us for the gaps in the showers. Peter had a couple of flights with me and will return in the near future to complete his flying experience.

Peter Chamley waiting to fly with me. 
We made the best of the day.


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