Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 27th May 2017

Flying today was a challenge in persistence. Looking out first thing revealed mist and fog. Challenge 1 but off to the airfield anyway. Arriving at the airfield it was obvious that there had just been a very, very heavy shower; the water rushing off the site via the gate looked more like white water canoeing would be the order of the day. Challenge 2. The weather would be better soon ( wouldn't it ?? ).

Challenge 3 was to reassemble K13 G-CHXP after the servicing carried out last Wednesday. A now Challenge 4; wait for the the mist a low cloud to improve enough to permit some flying. By 1pm we were off.

Reassembling the K13 obviously needs some discussion
After an initial test flight of HXP, first up was our Junior Visitor Jack Simmonds from Saltash who has patiently waited all morning with his parents for his chance to fly. Jack had 2 flights with IFP Fred Marks and later had a further flight with me. Fred also flew our other visitor, Ben Rymer.

Jack Simmonds with Fred
Jack also tried out the Twin Astir for size
Visitor Ben Rymer
By 4pm there were even signs of thermal activity. Best flight of the day was by Ged and Phil in the Twin Astir who managed to stay aloft for 20 minutes to lead a pack of other soaring flights.

Just before 6pm the cloudbase was lowing once more so it was time to return the aircraft to the hangar and retire to the clubhouse for tea and madals. We had completed 23 flights. Not bad for such a late start.

Thanks to all those who helped and to everyone for maintain the pateince which ultimately made flying possible.


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