Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 10th May 2017

The rasp forecast for the day looked good and with the sun shining in the early morning it looked good for a day of soaring. As a result a good number of members turned up and after yet another change of ends we started flying. Flights were short though with pilots reporting some thermic activity but difficult to centre in with lots of sink around. Fred marks managed a good flight with Peter Dauny our visitor from Jersey. They managed a very creditable 18 mins when everyone else was back on the ground in under 10 mins.
Other visitors were Andrew Davis and Jack Dinham.

Fred Marks with visitor Peter Dauny
Unfortunately just as the thermals started to pick up we had 3 cable breaks in a row and so we stopped flying to replace the cables with the new cables which luckily had just arrived. All hands to the task, we managed to change them and start flying again in under 2 hours.

A likely pairing. Phil Hardwick with Trevor Taylor in the Twin Astir ...
Only to return to the airfield 6 minutes later
So around 4 ish we started flying again but still those elusive thermals teased us. By now a very blue sky with no cumulus clouds to guide us and getting late in the day a few stragglers stayed on in the hope of finding blue thermals. Around 5 pm blue thermals made their presence known and the late shift partied in the sky. Steve Fletcher getting the best flight of the day in the open cirrus of 55 mins.

The Open Cirrus waitiong for Steve before completing the flight of the day
A big thanks go to Barry who winched most of the day, Colin for taking over from him and especially to Heather who cleaned the club house, drove the retrieve all day and worked like a Trojan helping to remove the old cables by pulling them to the side of the airfield. Thankyou Heather.

Stephen Fletcher

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