Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 17th May 2017

The forecast was for low cloud and more Dartmoor drizzle and once again the airfield was a tad wet with torrents of water greeting members as they arrived at the gate.

The wet conditions prevented flying today
Phil Hardwick, Ged Neviskey, Steve Raine, Dave Bourchier, Leith and Robin Wilson tackled the intricate task of repairing the David Brown tractor PTO gear box. This was well underway when I and Mike Gadd turned up and helpfully watched. Hi tech engineering took place with delicate taps of lump hammers and other tools I couldn't identify.

The tractor repair team
Unfortunately a very brittle circlip broke on removal so I volunteered to do something useful and go and get another one. How hard could it be? I set off with the only other example from the tractor. After visiting 6 different establishments, all of whom said, 'sorry mate I haven't got anything like that try the place up the road' and then receiving a phone call from Steve Raine asking if I was ever coming back I had to admit defeat and return with the one good circlip so the PTO box could be put back, albeit with one circlip missing. I have to say how lucky we are that we have so many technically proficient members, where would we be without you guys.

Stephen Fletcher

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