Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 24th May 2017

K13 G-DDMX has been taken off line for it's annual inspection and ARC. Unfortunately K13 G-CHXP ran across the track on Sunday and damaged it's front skid.  

So it was all hands to the pump today to get both k13s airworthy again. One team helping Colin on DMX whilst the others worked on replacing the damaged skid on HXP.

First task was to remove several kilos of soil
Many hands make light work?
It's a fiddly job
Having de rigged HXP we turned the fuselage upside down, and took out quote a few kilos of earth before removing and replacing the skid, a fairly lengthy task involving lots of wood work and metal work, replacing fabric and vinyl and a lot of elbow grease! Once derigged it took us about 7 hours to replace it and the fabric skirt.

Where would we be without the hangar?
There was bit's of aircraft everywhere
Bits of aircraft everywhere. It was a hot day and lots of sweat and toil. Only Barry managed to get airborne in his powered glider but there were no thermals. Heather kept everyone refreshed with copious amounts of tea.

A face only a mother could love.
Dave working on DMX

The less said about this view the better.
Thanks to everyone for all their help today.

Stephen Fletcher

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