Dartmoor Gliding News-Monday 29th May 2017

For those of you that may have read the blog for Saturday will understand when I say while traveling to the club I felt a sense of deja vu. Visibility was down to 100m and less in some places with the forecast that it should lift early afternoon. The question is would it and would we fly.

On arrival at the club at 08:30 I saw Mike Bennett already at work cutting grass near the gate. Would more members turn up? By 09:30 there was 6 of us at the club, 1st job, change ends in anticipation of flying.
Next list of jobs to tackle, Grass cutting, a job that seems never ending now our farmer no longer has sheep and at this time of year it is growing so fast. Someone to drive the tractor and grass cutter, step forward fellow instructor Peter Howarth.

View from the tractor cab
Peter on his final cut before lunch, Cloud base still a little low.
Next job - bearings need changing on ML2, step forward David Bourchier and Barry Green.

Barry and David working on removing the bearings
Next task - grass cutting around the trailers, step forward Mike Bennett and myself.

Mike making good progress through the grass.
And last ( but definitely not least) - Heather who decided to continue her ever ending battle to keep the club house clean and tidy.

Heather working on the Hangar Apron
Once Heather had finished in the club house she decided to turn her attention to cleaning the hangar apron.

So, did we fly? The cloud base had lifted and at lunch time Callum Doyle arrived and while we were enjoying our lunch we decided to get one glider out and go flying for the afternoon.

Mike keeping a good look out
View of the airfield.
Everyone that wanted to fly did and at the end of the day it was time to put HXP back in the hanger and close the door on the day.

A big thankyou to the members that turn up and for all the hard work that was done in the morning followed by a successful afternoons flying.

HXP on its way back after flying


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