Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 11th June 2017

Although the wind speed didn’t quite reach the levels predicted (gusts up to 32 kts by 1200), it was the direction (due south, ie. 90 crossed the runway rather than the 240 degrees forecast), coupled with the steady 20-25kts strength which put paid to flying today.

 Once again the wind blew up from the south all day, exceeding our crosswind limits.
And so, whilst Dave Downton set about an unexpected repair to K-13 DMX’s fuselage, some of us set about some fettling their gliders, whilst others (notably Pete Harvey) couldn’t resist the temptation to get into our new tractor and mow the grass (a relatively novel activity for us Sunday Soarers…) Back in the clubhouse after an hour of cutting, he eventually agreed (once he could hear the question) that the ear defenders provided were of some benefit... (the committee has voted for 3 new sets on H&S grounds).

Pete Harvey cutting grass to the south of the track.
Looking ahead, we have the Longest Day on Sunday 25 June, for which we need all hands to the pumps, while in August the club has an Open Week when, between Saturday 5th and Sunday7 13thm, the club is OPEN for nine straight days. This is an invitation to all club members to make use of the club’s facilities to improve your skill set, whatever your currency, status or level of expertise. There will be a barbecue, ground school and other activities so look out for further advertising which will be on the Forum, noticeboards and social media in the near future.

Martin Cropper

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