Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 14th June 2017

A beautiful blue sky welcomed everyone to Brentor. Was it the influence of Mike Sloggett, our Duty Instructor for the day? We also welcomed Tim Petty from North Hill who came to give our set-up the once over. We are looking forward to welcoming you back Tim.

First question of the day; was the light wind SSE, S or SSW? Not quite enough to change the launch point to the west end, but enough to have an effect on the launches. With our curtailed launch heights only a few magnificent aviators managed to soar for any length of time. Leading the pack today was Robin Wilson flying the club K8 for 41 minutes closely followed by Andrew Beaumont with 38 minutes in the same aircraft

We also welcomed our Introductory Flight visitors, Harry Martin all the way from Manchester! We hope the rest of his West Country tour proved as enjoyable as his flights with us. Nearer to home, from Cornwall, were Harry Ridsdale and Des Sibborn who also had a conducted tour of the airspace round Brentor. ‘Mrs
Des’ was very keen to come back and fly with us. Some potential new members perhaps?

Visitor Harry Ridsdate with IFP Steve Raine
It was also good to see Ged back on the field again. ( Ged has since returned to hospital - more news when we have it )

An fine day.

Steve Raine

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