Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 22nd July 2017

Just where did the summer go? Poor forecast today with a strong gusty crosswind from the south led to this being declared as a non flying day.

Scratch in welding mode
Mike Jardine was taking care of visitors before leaving early for family duties. Scratch was repairing the hurdle fence trailer which needs a little TLC after many years of service. Flushed from their success with the Zetor tractor engine rebuild, Rick and Phil started the work on the GusLaunch winch engine. The winch is down on power, has some coolant mixing with the oil and is not running cleanly. After diagnosing one cylinder with low compression it has been decided that the head has got to come off. Here we go again. David took the opportunity to start refurbishing the winch roller system which needs some new bearings and grease etc.

The GusLaunch waiting for TLC
Elsewhere the new Zugvogel 3B syndicate got together to begin some fettling of their new toy. The trailer fittings need some work to make rigging a little easier. The trailer is certainly taller that most glider trailers; in fact, even at 6ft 3in I can walk through the trailer standing upright. The trailer has since been christened, the "Cathedral".

The photographer, Mike Jardine, entitled this composition "Three Wise Men"."
"Should have gone to Specsavers, Mike
The Cathedral
Summer weather soon please.


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