Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 5th July 2017

Mostly blue sky day with some east in the wind, so launching from the west end. A well attended day with Mike Sloggett as instructor in charge.

K13 and K8 waiting to go.
A good view from the east end of the airfield from the K13
The talking point today has to be Andy Davey who did his Brentor solo in the K13 today after his recent successful gliding course at Lasham. He completed a couple of flights with Mike and then 2 solos in the K13 after which he converted to the K8 completing a further 2 flights, the second of which was a short soaring flight. Well done Andy.

Andy waiting to solo in the K13
And later Andy after converting to the K8
There was some soaring available in the afternoon with Phil Hardwick leading the way with 39 and 27 minutes in the Twin Astir followed by Bob Sansom in the K8 with 23 minutes. Best flight of the day was, once again. Allan Holland with 45 minutes in the K8.

The well used K8
Thanks in due to all those who help make this day a success.


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