Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 12th August 2017

If you had taken any notice of the forecast for today you probably would have stayed at home. If you went to the airfield anyway you were met with relatively benign, flyable conditions. The wind was 8 to 10 knots but only about 10degress to the north of the runway direction. There was none of the forecast rain. As the day wore on, what was initially 8/8th's cloud became 6/8th's with with enough thermal activity to provide a challenge.

The benign conditions
Winchmanster Scratch has his toys nicely lined up and ready for the day
Low down the thermal bubbles were tight and narrow - great fun. Several flights were extended just soaring low down - even more fun. There were 10 or so flights with times in double figures with Martin Broadway showing the competition a clean pair of heels with 35 minutes in the K8.

The K8 takes another launch
Jo Hurst was today's One Day Course candidate. By the end of her course she was flying the glider around the circuit with some style. We also welcomed visitor Bela Carole Csete who enjoyed his Introductory flights. Today's training was handled by Rick Wiles who seems to have an insatiable appetite for the back seat of a K13.

One Day Course candidate Jo Hurst
Visitor Bela Carole Csete is keen to learn to fly.
A nice day with a few friends.


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