Dartmoor Gliding News-Thursday 10th August 2017

Flying on Thursday? This is the middle of a club flying week masterminded by DCFI Gordon Dennis. It is fair to say that they have already seen several seasons of weather this week, but it is also fair to say that they have been making the best of it, flying at every opportunity.

But today will be different. There is a very encouraging forecast and even RASP ( Regional Atmospheric Soaring Prediction ) looks ok. In response to this the club is busy with a lot of solo pilots hoping to get some soaring in. After the well attended morning briefing it was off to the east end launch point ready for first flight at around 10.30am in the light NW breeze.

The solo line
The launchpoint was busy and to keep things moving along the 2 line system was adopted, single seaters on the inside, 2 seaters on the outside. This greatly simplifies the task of organising the launchpoint and keeps the amount of glider moving to an acceptable level.

Ed Borlasse with Gordon in DMX
The 2 seaters were kept busy. Gordon concentrated on flying club members Tony Tayler, Ross Tayler, Edward Borlase and Callum Doyle who each had 3 training flights. This along with check flights for Peter Harvey and Mike Bennett kept Gordon firmly in the back seat of K13 G-DDMX all day to the final flight at 6.30pm. K13 G-CHXP was also busy flying today's visitors, Bella Karoly Csete ( today's One Day Course ) and Roy Wilkins flew with Roger Appleboom, Toni Pike enjoyed a couple of soaring flights with me, and Cindy Nilsen flew with Colin Boyd who was exercising his Friends and Family privileges.

Roy Wilkins waiting to fly
Visitor Toni Pike
There was quite an array of private gliders with the Open Cirrus, Standard Cirrus, Club Libelle, Zugvogel 3B, K6e, Astir and Twin Astir all putting in an appearance. Most interesting flight today was Robin flying the Twin Astir solo who found a working thermal for a flight of 37 minutes. Also of interest was Dave Downton who flew his "new" K6e for the first time.The conditions didn't live up to expectations bur everyone had fun trying in the very patching soaring.

Pete Harvey in the Standard Cirrus
Zugvogel 3B
Club Libelle
A great day leading to a total of 50 launches.


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