Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 23rd August 2017

Weather forecast today was a steady wind straight down the runway with the chance of some soaring from lunch time onwards. When I arrived at the club to cover instructing from midday the wind was blowing more south westerly, and sometime southerly.  At the launch point we even got a little wet with some drizzle. By 3pm the wind did what the forecast said and condition improved.

We welcomed a number of visitors:

Samuel Piper and  his dad and brother dropped in while on holiday near Newquay. Samuel has just taken up gliding and is learning to fly at York Gliding Centre. We wish him the well in his training.

Rick, Samuel and his family
We also welcomed Alison Bess.


And finally but not least we welcomed Mick Allan, Mick took up gliding and learnt to fly in Germany back in 1969. Mick has taken a one day course and we look forward to seeing Mick back at the club soon.

A rhyming image Mick with Rick
Everyone that wanted to fly did so, with some training flights with our new member Bela Csete. Longest flight of the day was Bob Samson in his K8. Bob manged to stay up for 38 minutes near the  end of the day.

Big thanks to Barry and Heather for winching and retrieve driving, also to Phil, Andy, Bela,  Bob and Colin for keeping the launches going smoothly.

Rick Wiles

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