Daratmoor Gliding News-Saturday 9th September 2017

Forecast today was for showers. What was not immediately obvious was what kind of showers these would be in today's westerly airflow. Not for us the gentle, summer showers of previous weeks. Oh no! Today the showers were angry, snarling beasts with torrential rain and winds so gusty and strong that the windsock seemed to have trouble keeping up as it waved and span around in some kind of demented dance. While the showers were overhead it was so dark under the low, black  cloud base that headlights would be required. With this and the fact that the airfield was already extremely wet from previous showers the decision to make today a no flying day was obvious.

The amount of water draining off the runway was unbelievable
The next shower is approaching from the left (west)
Members settled down to some work. Scratch and Rick worked on the winches. Initially making some adjustments on ML2 and then for their main course, reassembled the engine for the GusLaunch  such that by the end of the day it was had been started and prepared to do a trial launch to determine whether the power output issues have been solved.

The water running over the hangar apron
Heather spent her time tidying in the clubhouse, Mike was on the airfield cutting grass and new member David Archer rebuilt the Simulator computer. Colin was in the hangar working on the Zugvogel C of A.

Better weather soon please.


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