Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 2nd Spetember 2017

Today started with light variable winds in very usable soaring conditions with the threat of a front with associated rain and strong winds to come. The front did not arrive before the end of the day although it was not far away as indicated by the increasing high cirrus which blocked out the sunshine by mid afternoon. More of an effect was the sea air which swept through from the south at 1pm wiping the thermic conditions away with it leaving us with a southerly wind.

The sea air sweeping the last of the thermal cloud away to the north
Best flight of the day was 51 minutes by Andy Davey in the K8 who flew in the early thermic conditions and airbraked his way down to allow the aircraft to be used by the other members. Perhaps staying up for another 9 minutes should be your goal Andy to give you your 1 hour Cross Country Endorsement flight. There were 2 soaring flights in the sea air. Alan Carter, flying the Zugvogel 3B, found a small bubble of lift over the south field which he managed to work for 24 minutes as it drifted him away to the north to make him the wisest of the Three Wise Men ( otherwise know as the Zugvogel syndicate) today. The other notable flight was 18 muntes in the sea air by Allan Holland in the K8 who stayed up by sheer determination. Well done both.

Phil waiting to launch in his Astir with his ground crew asleep on the grass
Visitors today were Brad Mullarkey, who flew early enough to enjoy a nice soaring flight in HXP with me, Clive Lowe who flew in DMX and Gordon Yates who also in HXP  with Fred Marks as their instructor.

Brad about to go soaring with me in HXP
Clive Lowe wait to fly in DMX
Gordon Yates and Fred share a light hearted moment while wait to launch in HXP
This allowed me a little time to fly my "new" share although try as I might I could not extend the flight beyond 8 minutes in the sea air making me the least wise of the aforementioned Three Wise Men. Still nice to fly this delightful vintage aircraft though.

The least wise man - me in the Zugvogel

A nice club flying day.


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