Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 7th October 2017

Another rainy day at the airfield
 Arriving at the airfield in the rain I was immediately reminded of The Sam Cooke song "Chain Gang". Scratch ( Dene Hitchen) had organised a group of members to help him with the repairs to the site entrance which had been washed out by the water running off the site every time it rained. After digging out the damaged area yesterday, a heculean task in itself, the plan was to fill the ditch with concrete today. The weather had other ideas. The rain was once again running through the entrance and would have damaged the new concrete so this task would have to wait until tomorrow.

The damaged entrance prepared for new concrete
The Dartmoor chain gang working harmoniously as usual
Elsewhere, Rick was working on the Gold Discovery, replacing the damaged front drive shaft which will enable 4WD once again. This will be essential for the coming season. During the course of this repair it was discovered that the front disk brakes were seized, so arrangemts were made to get a caliper rebuild kit to be fitted next week.

Do you recognise this man? Rick assumes his usual position under a vehicle
Although there could be no flying today, that did not mean no training today. In the clubhouse Instructor Mike Jardine put David Archer through his paces in the simulator.

Mike and David giving the simulator a workout
Hoping for better weather soon.


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