Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 15th October 2017

Today was another day with low cloud early and with the winds to be slowly increasing to a forecast 15-20 Knots due south it was declared that today was going to be a non-flying day. A couple of our guests rang in to see if we were flying, so the voice Dave Downton set about re-booking all for another day.

We welcomed back Martin to the club after his short absence from flying. Hopefully you will fly next Sunday to regain your wings. So after cups of coffee and tea we looked for some jobs that needed doing. Roger had noticed that HXP was sitting rather low on its dolly. Investigation found that it indeed had a puncture. We set about swapping the wheel with a spare after it was found the existing tube was leaking from a previous repair and couldn’t be repaired.

Checking for leaks
After sorting HXP we took the glider out of the hangar and washed the mud off from the previous weekend’s flying.

 Colin arrived to check on the repair to the K8 wing with help from his apprentice.
Following more teas and coffees with lunch it was decided to pack away and head for home. Hopefully a better weekend weather next week.

Peter Howarth

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