Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 8th October 2017

Having driven from Plymouth in varying degrees of clear air and foggy stretches it was no surprise that the airfield was shrouded in fog. Roger and Richard were in the clubhouse preparing for the day by drinking tea. Shortly after Ed Borlase, Mark Jerman and Josef Nobbs (yes you read that correctly) turned up and discussions turned to, when is the fog going to clear. It was decided to be optimistic that the fog would clear sooner rather than later. So the small crew set about extracating the two seaters from the hangar and setting the airfield up ready to fly.

Gliders in the mist
About 10:30 it was decided the sky was clearing, so we towed the gliders to the east end to await the cloudbase to rise enough to start flying. First into the air was Mark Jerman and myself at 10:52 for a weather check flight. With virtually nil wind we achieved a 800ft launch. So we were off for the days flying.
Our first visitor was Paul Rendell from the Dartmoor News magazine. Paul and I had two flights, one of 8 minutes during which he took several photos and we talked about the club and other aspects of Dartmoor. Paul will be writing an article for the magazine and should feature in the January/February 2018 edition. I will confirm this at a later date.

Paul Rendell
 Our other visitors came in a steady flow. The first two were Leonie and Kevin Knight who flew with Richard. We had to shoe horn Kevin into the back seat or we would not have been able to fly him. Both enjoyed their flights.

Kevin Knight
Leonie Knight
Pamela Prades
Another visitor Pamela Prades also flew with Richard.

Our last visitors were David Lamb and David Hatton who both flew with Roger.

David Lamb
David Hatton
One family member who arrived with David Hatton was Chloe. She was very keen to sit in a glider which Ed oversaw and she also pestered her dad to have a flight. Arrangements were made for her to fly in the back seat with me in the front. She bravely got settled in the back, only at the last minute was even braver to speak up and say she didn’t want to fly. We presented her with a certificate for being brave and look forward to her coming back when she is a little bigger and braver.

Brave Chloe with me
 I was kept busy with club flying. After Mark’s first flight, his second was a high cable break practice. He also had two more flights at the end of the day including a hangar flight. All were handled well. New member Lee Morgan paid us a visit instead of his usual Saturday visits. He progressed with a demonstration of adverse yaw and started trying to turn the glider and flying straight and level. Good progress was made, well done Lee. Josef had a couple of flights with Roger to maintain currency, flying from the front seat and then trying out the back seat.

What about our other star solo pilot, ED? He had a quick check flight with me and then took to the air for a couple of solo flights. His second flight was the longest of the day. A very successful 12 minutes. We had difficulty stopping him talking about it for quite a while.

Ed waiting to launch for the longest flight of the day.
A big thank you to Roger and Richard for Winching. Also Josef, Alan Holland and Mark for retrieving. Although only 22 flights today, everything went smoothly considering the small amount of members present. All flew who wanted to. I must also say a big thank you to Scratch who finished off the repair to the entrance without flying.

Peter Howarth

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