Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 18th November 2017

Today started with a stunning, blood red, sunrise. Is this the proverbial "sailor's warning"? Perhaps the recent run of poor flying weather has left me a little jaded.

The forecast was suggesting very light airs to start with progressing to 10 knots westerly by late afternoon. Cloudbase was forecast to lower significantly by 4pm.. Given the forecast, a push was made to ensure that we got started promptly. First launch was made at 10.25am.

The airfield from the NE looking south west
Right from the start it was obvious that, although there was little or no wind at ground level, at 1000 feet, there was significant wind from the west. Curious, but at least this helped ensure satisfactory launch heights. Early flights seemed to find rotor type turbulence at the east end of the airfield with very smooth air at the west end. Was this some kind of wave system? We will never know the answer to that one. Unfortunately,it did not supply any usable lift.

One Day Course candidate Scot
The 2 K13's were fully utilised all day with Rick and Mike conducting club flying in DMX also sharing the aircraft with Steve Raine who flew our Air Experience visitor, Nicky Craydon.  I flew our 2 One Day Courses with Scott Furguson and Simon Purcell in HXP . The  club solo pilots were flying the K8.

One Day Course candidate Simon
Visitor Nicky Craydon with Steve Raine
The most notable flight today was by new member and experienced pilot Mark Jerman who re-soloed with us today after a 12 months absence from flying. Welcome Mark.

Did I mention that i was cold today?
Not if you are equipped with a portable douvet
All through the day, there was a lot of low level cloud mostly over the high ground limiting our view but otherwise not causing us any issues until around 4pm when the cloudbase suddenly lowered and put an end to flying for the day.

Instructors cleaning gliders - a rare event?
Answers on a postcard please
Many thanks to all those who helped. A special mention is due to Heather who came to the airfield today especially to drive the retrieve for us ( as well as cleaning the clubhouse before flying started ). Now that's dedication.


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