Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 19th November 2017

For those up early to earn some brownie points, collecting the papers from Yelverton, this was the sunrise that greeted them. Hopefully it was a good sign for the day to come. Unlike weekends previous, we were able to extricate the aircraft from the hangar and get them ready for a busy days flying.

Sunrise over Dartmoor
The day was spent giving check flights for those out of currency. First up was Dave Downton. After a couple of flights including a cable break practice he was declared fit to fly the K8. Next up was Mark Jerman who after regaining his solo wings yesterday had a quick flight with me. With no problems he then squeezed himself and wellies into the K8 for a couple of flights. Third on the list was Martin Cropper to regain his wings after his period away from flying. A perfectly executed simulated cable break declared him fit to resume instructing duties.

Martin about to get his wings back
So fourth on the list, Ed Borlase took to the air with Martin. After a couple of flights he added to his solo total, closing in on that time when he will hopefully be able to convert to the K8.
There was also a busy day for IFP pilots Richard Roberts and Roger Applebloom with four visitors.

First to arrive was Jamie Malac who flew with Richard.

Jamie Malac with Richard
Richard’s second trial flight charge was Anthony Welsh who enjoyed his two flights. Anthony has previously tried ballooning and wanted to try gliding while still young. He is hoping to bring his brother (an ex lightning pilot) up for a more leisurely flight around the sky.

Anthony Welsh
It was then a change of guard with Richard taking over winch duties from Roger who then took over the back seat of HXP. Mike Arbury arrived with his family for his flights with Roger.

Mark Arbury
Last on the list was Tim Stoneman who had one flight with Roger. With Colin Boyd disappearing into cloud at about700’ it was decided to stop flying and return the gliders to the hangar. Tim will have to return at a later date for his second flight, hopefully in better conditions.

Tim Stoneman

After the past month with little flying it was good to fly again and get everybody back current. Let’s hope for some settled weather over the coming weekends.

Peter Howarth

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