Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 1st November 2017

A lovely day to go gliding but the sorcerer and his apprentice had other ideas. The dwindling Wednesday crew duly rolled up their sleeves, put on their wellies and set off to retrieve the BVB fuselage from its accommodation down the road. When we got there we found that there was a wing and another fuselage (well more of a skeleton) which had to be moved and brought back to the club before we could get to BVB at the back of the barn. It will take quite a bit of black magic to get the skeleton airworthy again!

A skeleton of a K7m.
Then back to the barn to get BVB. Once on the trailer we duly towed it back and after a lot of huffing, puffing, and all round heaving we got it into the workshop container. Duly warn out we retired to the club hut for lunch and a well earned cuppa.

Getting BVB onto the trailer required a detail project plan and a health and safety audit
followed by intricate manoeuvering and if you believe that...!
After lunch the sorcerer explained we had put it in the workshop nose first and the right way up. He needed it tail first and upside down. Well we all humped and heaved and twisted and turned and eventually got it back in so that some black magic can be performed on it to enable the club to fly it again. Where would we be without Colin and Dave?

Now getting close to 2pm we decided time to get the k8 out and get some flying in. We managed 6 flights between us with Allan Holland doing the longest flight of 7 minutes.

The end of another Wednesday, 
The k8 being taken back with a beautiful autumnal evening sky behind.
A big thank you to Phil who wasn't feeling great but still did all the winching and used our shiny "new" tractor to roll the area where the farmers tractors had damaged the runway ( the same area repaired last Saturday ).

Well done team!

Steve Fletcher

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