Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 16th December 2017

Winds light NW and a blue sky made starting this flying day a pleasure. A little doubt for later was the possible arrival of a frontal system with a lot of cloud.

The small, but perfectly formed crew swung into action a soon we had all the people and aircraft in the correct places ready to go.

One Day Course student Harrison
Jamie Bird waiting for his Introductory Flight with Mike Jardine
Along with One Day Course candidate Harrison Redwood ( a future Royal Navy Officer apparently ). we welcomed visitors Jamie Bird and, Tylo and Jon Coupland for Air Experience flights. Flying was circuits for the most part. Longest flight of the day was by Allan in the K8 who maintained his flight for 11 minutes by ridge soaring the far side of Gibbet Hill. From the airfield this looked an awfully long way away and several members were contemplating getting the trailer ready.

Jon Copland flew with Rick
Tylo Copland Flew with me.
The flying programme was progressing well until the front arrived. The sky went from clear to 8/8ths cloud within 20 minutes; 10 minutes later it started to rain. Ever optimistic we waited for the rain to clear but by 3pm there was no sign of any clearance and, after checking the weather radar ( the wonders of the internet ), the day was scrubbed. The long walk back to the hangar with the aircraft in the rain was decidedly not fun but soon enough we were able to dry off in the clubhouse in front of the roaring log burner.

Instructor's name badge
Today saw the Instructors sporting their new name badges. This is part of the plan to make the Instructors more visible to our visitors and new trainees.



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